Monday, August 2, 2010

Hong Kong Soundscape: Prins Nitram Live in Hong Kong w/ Logo and Sushi Robot

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Since the advent of photography, music and image have always been intertwined. The photos of the jazz legends always stuck with me, giving me a unique window into some of my favorite artists and the scene they created. More recently, I've been influenced by the works of Matthew Niederhauser whose photographic anthology of Beijing's indie scene "Sound Capital" probably paints the most vivid portrait of the early days of that emerging movement.

So when I met Ka-Ho Pang on my last trip to Hong Kong, a young French contemporary photographer, the opportunity to collaborate on photographic anthology of Hong Kong's indie scene seemed ripe. Born in Paris from a family of Hong Kong origin, Ka Ho disembarked the corporate world and Paris to pursue his journey in Asia's "Fragrant Harbour".

This first edition in our photographic anthology series "Hong Kong Soundscape" were taken during Danish visual rock/jazz/electro artist Prins Nitram's only show in Hong Kong on July 17. Presented by The Underground, the concert also featured Hong Kong based psychedelic pop band Logo and live D&B electronica act Sushi Robot.

Logo perform a disparate mix of songs, inspired by their experiences of life, Hong Kong transcience and dislocation. Dark love songs and makevolent ballads emerge from the workshop where they practice, amongst stage props from forgotten parties. The trio - Chris (Lead Guitar), James (Drums & Vocal) and yan yan pang (Bass) - are presently working on their debut album set for release this fall.

That Prins Nitram is a unique artist becomes immediately apparent upon hearing this debut album, which is in fine keeping with, and at least as peculiar, self-aware and totally surprising as His Royal Oddness himself. On Bomty Bomty, Prins Nitram combines genre and traditions in his own particular way, as can also be heard on the single "Breaking Through My Peel" that is receiving airplay on the Danish Radio P3 program.

Probably the best rhythm section in the world!! The creation of Sushi Robot comes from a partnership involving three musicians wanting people to dance. Wanting people to feel the bass. To feel the beats. Made up from members of bands such as "New Yorks Finest Taxi Service", "The Projects", the Sushi's create infectious beats and solid grooves built around two drummers and a bass player. Formed after playing a one off set at J7. the reaction was so good and positive that the band had to be formed.

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