Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quasi-Rock Band A Raven's Sorrow In Video Interview With New England Garage Bands


Jeff Glazier and Jason Percival, the Founders of the quasi-rock band A Raven's Sorrow, were recently featured in a live videotaped interview with Jeff Royds of New England Garage Bands. In the more than 30 minute interview, Glazier and Percival explained their music and their philosophy on life.

In the video interview, Glazier acknowledged that while his music is not for everybody, they definitely have their fans. Commenting on the interview and his music, Glazier said, "It's a way of expressing things that can't be put into words. If, through my music, I can get close enough to expressing my feelings about certain subjects, then I've accomplished my goal."

A Raven's Sorrow has released a set of demos for two albums, "Chrysalis" and "Hail Suicide" and is currently producing the full "Chrysalis" album. Along with Percival and Glazier, the band is comprised of fellow member Joseph Cox.

Read Part I of the interview with A Raven's Sorrow at

About New England Garage Bands
New England Garage Bands (NEGB), originally called Boston Garage Bands, was officially launched in April 2007 by Jeff Royds. Through their online presence, NEGB offers local musicians access to the exposure they need to promote themselves, which is essential for success in the music industry.

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