Sunday, May 30, 2010

Radio Station On Live365 Robert Lauri On The Air


An international and French programme is offered to listeners. The “broadcast scheduler” provides information on broadcasting times. The music environments are so varied and new that there is no mistaking that they are the work of a single artist.
And yet...
Robert Lauri has been a writer, composer, an excellent melodist and performer for more than 30 years.

Robert Lauri's songs reflect his great skill in creating innovative arrangements. Although each composition is imbued with its own magic, a common thread runs through his creations: dreams and relaxation.

The album, United Souls, is a perfect example of Robert Lauri's talent for composing in a wide array of musical styles ranging from urban, contemporary classical to early music via hip-hop. When listening to the film music on the album, The Other Side of Robert Lauri, we escape through his emotions and imagination. The albums, Si je meurs par hasard (If Perchance I Die) and J'y crois encore (I Still Believe) are two compilations of timeless songs imbued with poetry and magic. The album Liberté (Liberty) was recorded in Paris and New York. The lyrics are deep and sensitive, over innovative arrangements with multiple rhythms. Other exclusive songs in the contemporary country style, melodies to pop, country and Salsa rhythms are also integrated into the programme. The instrumental arrangements enhanced by beautiful guitar chords confirm Robert Lauri's capacity for innovation. His repertoire comprises a whole range of songs and chords designed to convey emotion and sensitivity.

Another musical world is the Alef concept by Robert Lauri and Chantal Allon. Yaacov Alvo adapted the psalms of David and Michel Bernholc created the musical arrangements. They were performed in prestigious venues worldwide. Yaacov and Robert Lauri did the vocals. Their album, Resource, is part of the international programme. One powerful song on the album, Emuna, recorded in Los Angeles, is Hamavdil. Emouna's lyrics are interpretations of texts from the Torah. Robert Lauri wrote the words and an American rabbi translated the prayers into English, Rabbi Jeff Marx. Some of the songs are in English and others in Hebrew.

Robert Lauri has also written for other artists. Some of these songs can be found online. However, an unpublished catalogue of songs for fans searching for harmony between the musical arrangements and the beautiful poems may yet be revealed.

The Robert Lauri on the Air radio station offers so many different worlds that listening to it is like browsing the world and its cultures.
VIP members can take advantage of special services around the launch of an album or a promotional campaign.

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