Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Industree Music Network Inc. Launches Revolutionary Online Music Monetization Model

Url: http://www.TheIndustree.com/

Costa Mesa, CA-December 15, 2009- Industree Music Network, Inc., a new web-based company that centers around Social Music Sharing™, an innovative online music distribution and monetization platform, launches. Social Music Sharing™ combines social networking, music, and the ability for fans to share in the artists' album sales that they directly and indirectly help generate.

Social Music Sharing™ takes the most powerful component from traditional network-marketing based business models, the ability for consumers to share in the sales generated by the people they directly and indirectly invite into the network, and leaves the sign-up fees, purchase requirements, and aggressive sales tactics behind.

Industree's CVO, Brandon Beachum, says, "I strongly believe the businesses that will achieve the highest degree of success in the emerging global economy will be those that understand the powerful momentum and energy that can be generated by sharing your success with the people that help to generate it in the first place. By injecting a "share the wealth" philosophy into our unique business model at such a crucial point in time when the landscape of the music business is changing so rapidly, I believe the possibilities are absolutely endless as to where we can collectively take Industree."

Industree stands firmly by the "share the wealth" philosophy; 40-50 per cent of every album sale is shared with the fans and five per cent of every sale is donated to charity.

Industree employs an "Honor System" pricing structure, which is based on the fans' honest opinion of the music that they buy. Fans ultimately name their own price for the music that they buy, and then the person who initially invited them, as well as that person's "Roots," all share in the profits.

In addition to launching the new web-platform, Industree is releasing five artists' albums exclusively on their own label, Industree Records, including the multi-platinum selling Grammy nominee, Ryan Toby.

Industree is free for both artists and fans to join, however you must be invited by a current member in order to do so. To learn more about Industree Music Network, go to www.TheIndustree.com. To schedule an interview with Brandon Beachum, please contact 949.836.4285 or admin@theindustree.com.

About Industree Music Network, Inc. Industree Music Network, Inc., was co-founded by brothers, Brandon Beachum and Ryan Beachum, in 2008. Brandon formerly worked for the Los Angeles based indie label, Pinch Hit Records. Both brothers also spent many years in various musical projects in and around the LA area. Their first-hand experiences witnessing the fans willingness to work extremely hard to help the artists that they love ultimately helped seed the idea for Social Music Sharing™ and the launch of Industree Music Network. XXXXX

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