Monday, November 16, 2009

Koko Dozo's New Single "Gangsta" on 'Attack Of The Blog'

Koko Dozo's newest single release, "Gangsta" is now available. This comes after "The Shine," which was a successful collaboration with DJ Morsy. Already chosen to be part of the compilation "Attack Of The Blog" (a second ‘Blog themed' compilation for Buzzard Gulch Records), the song steps it up with original breaks and the famous tantric loops of Polarity/1. The brilliant vocals of singer Amy Douglas are pretty often into the groove, stepping, breathing as much as a great singer can do, while her bright voice stands out in the topical parts of the track. The Space-based duo is once again back. Stand clear of the closing doors please, because the dance floor is moving!

Take a listen to "Gangsta"
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'Attack Of The Blog' is on Beatport

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