Thursday, September 10, 2009

Williamson Set To Release Homework

San Jose based artist Williamson is set to release "Homework", his second full length album. A impeccably produced collection of thirteen songs, "Homework" is a testament to painstaking sound design. Catchy yet experimental, spacey yet truly intimate; Homework is a wonderfully nuanced album that will appeal to fans of Boards of Canada, Postal Service, Orbital and Four Tet.

Capturing a sound all his own, Williamson has blended indie rock, pop, experimental electronica and post rock to create a heady brew of songs that the listener can immediately lose themselves in. The product of many a long night, Homework is an aptly named exercise in creativity and concentration. In the artists words:

"Homework is an album that I have put together over the period of several years in the few hours I have to spend on music after my day-job. This after-hours (or homework) approach to music sometimes makes it hard to work on a project for the consecutive hours that it needs and can in some ways be really frustrating. However, on the positive side, this approach has let me develop a sort of extreme patience in my music. Over the years I have learned to appreciate being a truly independent artist that makes music every day just for myself and my own sanity and without any influence or pressure from labels, deadlines and commercial concerns. If a particular song takes 3 years of recording, reworking, rewriting, remixing, then tearing it all up a doing it again before its done, then so be it (several songs on the album fit this bill). I think that in most cases, this has had a really positive impact on the songs when they are finally done, and in short I am quite happy with the songs that have finally made it onto the album and the overall development of my sound. I hope that you enjoy the music."

Sparse beauty, inviting soundscapes, and emotive melodies define Homework. The music must be heard, defying all attempts at description. It is a fresh breeze, a sunset over the mountains, a dimly lit Sunday evening; at times tender, manic, melancholic and finally triumphant, Homework is best summarized as a piece of art. Learn more about Wade Williamson here:

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