Thursday, July 23, 2009

UM2N Launches PR URBAN Distribution Service

Following on the sucess of its Music PR services, Mi2N announced the launch of PR URBAN, a new urban-specific press release distribution service targeted towards the Rap/Hip Hop, R&B and Soul communities and tastemakers across the internet. The service is available through Mi2N's urban newswire UM2N (Urban Music Net News) in conjunction with a free submission option.

Offered at an introductory price of $89.95, PR URBAN will provide targeted press release exposure, including 150 minimum guaranteed online placements:
* Press release distribution to 30 urban-type eGroups, blog communities & online forums (such as Yahoo! Groups, MySpace, and imeem, among others)
* Press release distribution to an additional 55 general-music eGroups, blog communities & online forums
* Press release distribution to over 35 Mi2N Syndicated Newswires
* Press release distribution to 30 MusicDish-branded profiles & blogs
* Featured on UM2N homepage & newsletter
* One banner advertisment in UM2N newsletter
* Two advertisments in Mi2N newsletters
* homepage listing

"We developed Mi2N PR services because we felt there needed to be a new approach to PR distribution leveraging saturated marketing while targeting niche music communities," said Eric de Fontenay. "PR URBAN is a simply a logical extension of this strategy where we felt the market was particularly underserved."

Ideal for artists and labels, as well as supporting promoters and agencies, Mi2N Music PR service provides guaranteed press release placements through a network of newswires, eGroups, blog communities, boards and forums. In addition to guaranteed PR placement, the packages provide exposure through the Mi2N website and daily newsletters sent to over 25,000 music professionals across the globe.

MusicDish, LLC has been at the forefront of the digital music sector, publishing some of the industry's leading music magazine, including MusicDish and Mi2N. Through the MusicDish Network, it supports the development of artists and labels through saturated marketing and online artist development.

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