Sunday, April 5, 2009

MusicDishTV: Rufus Cappadocia - Transformation

Crazy cello master Rufus Cappadocia performs his piece "Transformation" live with dancer Sheila Anozier. Video directed by Jon Fine. |

"Boy, who knew that afro beats, funk and soul could all come from a cello! But leave it up to the man Rufus Cappadocia to do the honors. If this isn’t eclectic funk then I don’t know what is. Take a good look at the video "Transformation," shot entirely in black and white which gives it a sophisticated look, and you’ll get the idea. First, you see a cellist by himself doing a typical classical solo, alongside a dancer fresh out of an Alvin Ailey dance school interpreting every chord Rufus strikes on queue.

"Here Rufus is sitting in a non-descript chair w/ his ubiquitous cello; all is calm as he plays then mid-way what sounds like an African drum beat chorus is actually coming from tugging and hitting the cello chords in strategic fashion. Right beside him is the dancer that captures the spotlight Shelia Anozier. Shelia is a freestyle dancer of Haitian heritage and here she showcases her unique post-modern African folk dance choreography. This is the perfect amalgamation of European style instrumental and African folk dance." -- Veronica Cole, MusicDishTV

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