Thursday, February 26, 2009

Christopher Getman Designs A "Marshmallow Dream" For Catman Cohen

Returning for his third time to create visuals for The Catman Chronicles, designer Christopher Getman aka Mazedude made the following comments concerning shadow musician Catman Cohen's soon-to-be-released CD......HOW I WANT TO DREAM: the Catman Chronicles 3

"I set about to create a 'marshmallow dream,'" Getman stated. "It is a world of shadows and disillusion, ultimately transformed by angels who sail upon clouds of social action, to protect the weak, inspire the hopeless, break down all barriers, and save the world through love, kisses, and the resurrection of our inner child."

"I take my inspiration from Catman Cohen himself, who is an unusual, enigmatic musician," Getman said. "I see him as a kindred spirit because he likes breaking the rules and stepping outside the box. That allows me to explore visuals that transcend the typical cheesecake 'Hey-Mom-I'm-Famous!' CD."

"It's not too difficult to come up with powerful visuals," Getman declared. "Catman's poetry opens the doors to areas of the mind otherwise left untouched."

HOW I WANT TO DREAM: the Catman Chronicles 3...a musical quest for Truth in a world of broken dreams...will be released on March 13, 2009.


Who is Christopher Getman?

Christopher Getman, aka Mazedude, has been a creative force since childhood. His diverse credits include performing stunts and motion capture for the video games "Spiderman 3" and "James Bond: Quantum of Solace;" creating musical scores and soundscapes for award-winning films; remixing the acclaimed "American Album;" co-founding and directing "Capoeira Nation" (the first-ever online instructional video website for the martial art of Capoeira); and designing over 75 high end Flash websites.

These days he now focuses primarily on his specialty of web and graphic design.

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